How to Summerize Your RV and Get Your Toy Hauler Ready with Western Recreational

By: Western Recreational Products   |   12 Mar 2020
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A Guide to Get You Ready for Camping Season:

Winter is far too long -- don’t miss a second of the action when warm weather returns to The West! At Western Recreational Products, we’re counting down the days to the 2021 outdoor-fun season and while we’re waiting, we’ve come up with a list of things you can do to prepare your RV or Toy Hauler for all of the good times you’re about to have. Read along and find out how to get the most out of your rig below!

Take Your RV from Winter to Summer

All that work you did last fall to properly store your camper was worth it -- but now, it’s time to undo those winterizing steps. Here you’ll find some tips to wake your RV up from hibernation.

1) Flush that Antifreeze

All of the antifreeze you ran through your pipes should have kept things in working order through Alberta’s frigid temps, but just to make sure, pump water through everything anyway. If there are any leaks, you’ll be able to spot them -- plus you need to remove all of the antifreeze before you hook up to any campsite water source. Turn all faucets on and run the water until clear.

2) Check the Electrical

It’s best to make sure everything turns on before you leave your driveway. This means checking generators, lights, heaters and fridges by running them for some time. All too often, a single mouse can wreak havoc on a camping trip if wires aren’t checked prior to go-time.

3) Top-Up Fluids

Your spring opening is a great time to pop the hood and take a look at the rig’s engine. Make sure all fluid is adequate and look into an oil change if needed. Remember to check generator and hydraulic fluid if you have them as well.

4) Open and Close Everything

Yep -- that’s right! Check main doors, cabinet doors, drawers and slide-outs to make sure all hinges, awnings and levelling systems are in working order. If anything isn’t functioning correctly, be sure to have your unit serviced prior to use.

5) Give it a Scrub

To lengthen the life of your RV, a proper cleaning against mould and mildew is key. Whether you hit heavy with industrial-strength cleaners or prefer to use gentler natural methods, treating any signs of fungal growth will prevent illness and help you enjoy your camper for years to come.

6) Pump the Tires

After a season of fluctuating temperatures, RVers in Fallis do well to check their tire pressure and fill up where necessary. This is also the ideal time to make a mental note of each tire’s condition so you can prepare for replacement before heading out on the open road.

person ATVs from Toy Hauler in Alberta

Prepare Your Toy Hauler for Adventure

So, you’re the camper that likes to bring along the fun? Get ready for an awesome season of ATVing, dirt biking, golfing and more by adding these next tips to your summer maintenance to-do list!

Check for Rust

Toy Haulers experience more wear and tear than other parts of the RV. If the hauling section was not properly cleaned out before winter, you may find rust waiting for you come opening time. Properly treat affected areas or replace parts as necessary before using the unit.

Oil Up the Entry Ramp

Ramps have hinges. Hinges get squeaky. Avoid that problem by giving your hauler’s hinges a good oiling each spring. While testing the ramp hinges, look for any signs of mechanical weakness before driving equipment into the unit.

Need Help? We’re Here!

If it’s your first time preparing your unit for camping season or if you happen to find issues that need professional assistance, contact our Service Department. Our experienced techs will be happy to get your RV or Toy Hauler in ship shape.


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